Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Essen List

So, as many of you know, Spiel '17 took place at Essen, Germany last week. Spiel Essen is the biggest board game convention in the world, with almost 200,000 visitors over 4 day period trying out the latest games. Over 1000 game producers from all over the world are there announcing and demoing their upcoming titles. The Brew was there in full force -and by full force, I mean I was there alone looking for games. :-)

Spiel Essen is the biggest game convention in the world

Did i mention how big it is?

Most new releases are there and can be demo'd by the public
You can get the latest games long before they'r in stores

Or you can get older games at deep discounts
There is a fair-like atmosphere with lots of activities for the whole family

The big question, of course, is did we get any games. Yes, we did. We got a butt-load. A few are brand new. A few are older games that we felt we needed to have in the cafe (Risk, anyone?). Some are foreign games that we knew would never be available here in Prague. So here it is, the full list of games we'll be adding to our library (just as soon as we sticker and log them all):

1.     Risk
2.     Palace of Mad King Ludwig
3.     Animal Farm
4.     Mutabo
5.     Spaghetti
6.     Joking Hazard
7.     Beasty Bar
8.     Bears vs Babies
9.     Beasty Bar: new beasts in town
10. Zooloretto Dice Game
11. Balloon Pop
12. Okey Dokey
13. Feudalia
14. The Networks
15. My Story
16. Sidereal Confluence
17. Emotify
18. Justice League
19. Zooscape
20. Paperback
21. Ghost Blitz 5 to 12
22. Flip City
23. Thiefs Market
24. Sparkle Kitty
25. Harvest Dice
26. Die Fiesen 7
27. Captain Dice
28. Fast Food Fear
29. Rock Paper Wizard
30. Wordsy
31. Lethal Party
32. Sector 6
33. Doggy Bag
34. Topito
35. The Fugative
36. Imperial
37. Nimbee
38. Dragon Castle
39. WarTime
40. Tokaido
41. Cash & Guns: 2nd edition
42. Inbetween
43. Kimono
44. Dragons and Chickens
45. Dungeon Raiders
46. 1,2,3
47. Hollywood
48. Trans Atlantic
49. Dreams
50. Peak Oil
51. Chicken Cha Cha Cha
52. Burgle Bros.
53. When I dream
54. John Company

In the coming days, hopefully i'll have time to go into a bit more detail on what some of these games are and why we feel they'll be a great fit here at The Brew!

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