Monday, August 21, 2017

Pre-Opening Night

Well, our first day of 'soft' opening is behind us. We had a great game night with about 40 people, invited through Facebook and our meet-up page. We also had several people from the neighbourhood who just stopped in to check out what we're doing. A few even stayed on to play a few games.

Kudos to the staff who were thrown into the deep end on the very first day. But they rallied, and had everything running smoothly shortly after we got started.

We'll be open on a limited basis for the first month or so while we finish up the decorations, play with the menu, and familiarise ourselves with the systems. So, if you'd like to join us for summertime gaming, here are the hours:

Here are a few pictures of the space and the event to tide you over until tuesday:

All set up and ready to go!

Our first bill!
A view from the outside. A clean, well-lighted place.

Greetings at the door

Starting to fill

The back room

Jumping into the deep end

The team is all (mostly) smiles

Joking Hazard was a big hit

Catan for the kids

More Joking Hazard

...and more Catan

Finally got Travel Blogger to a table

Tickets. And Rides.

Some peeps were Camel-upping

Of course, Secret Hitler was played

...and Pandemic Cthulu

The staff is tired, but happy!

Retro candy, anyone? Or maybe a Zemsky pivo?

So, that's it. We're up and running on a limited basis, so feel free to stop by on Tuesdays-Fridays to check us out, enjoy some craft beer and nibbles, and play some great games!

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