Monday, March 20, 2017

What is a board game cafe?

The board game cafe idea has been around for a while, but the modern concept of what we now call board game cafes started in 2011 in Toronto with a little place called Snakes & Lattes.

Snakes and Lattes. Lots of Games, Great food, welcoming atmosphere
The vision for S&L, which carries over to the hundreds of BGCs that have sprung up since then is simple: A modern, stylish, location, providing quality food and drink, expert instruction, and (most importantly) a vast, curated library of the latest hobby boardgames. Since Snakes and Lattes cracked the formula, there have been a wave of BGC openings across Canada, the US, UK, and now Europe.
A BGC is different to a recreation centre in that it is designed to be welcoming to gamers and non-gamers alike. The atmosphere is pleasant. The food is good. The staff is helpful and willing to patiently choose and explain a game for you and your friends. The BGC should take its place among other 'things to do tonight' such as movies, bowling, escape rooms, and of course, bars and clubs.
a few of the hundreds of BGCs that have popped up the the past 5 years
Despite having an active gaming culture and community, Prague doesn't yet have a board game cafe. They are in Dresden, Budapest, Bucharest, Berlin, and Warsaw, but not Prague. Bohemia Boards & Brews will fill this gap, and we hope it will become a vital part of Prague gaming culture as well as Prague culture in general.

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